We make finding talent easy

Notre Dame's Talent Showcase is a searchable database that provides employers a convenient way to find students who are seeking employment.

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How it works

Students have opted into being included in the showcase and have the ability to decide what level of information to share, including:

  • Academics: student's academic major, minor or area of study, as well as their graduation date
  • Career Interests: a brief listing of industries, job functions, or career paths a student is interested in pursuing
  • Locations: a listing of the cities or regions where the student is interested in working
  • Experience: a snapshot of applicable work-related experiences (summer internship, academic research, etc.)
  • Connections: clubs, activities, or residence hall which you may have a similar connection

In addition to this information, students can also include links to:

  • Email the student
  • Request a student's resume (via an online form)
  • Review a student's LinkedIn profile
  • Visit a student's online portfolio/website

We are here to help

Questions about the Talent Showcase can be directed to careerdevelopment@nd.edu.